Saturday, May 3, 2008

Raw Fiddlehead Fern Macro

Raw Fiddlehead Fern

a macro of raw fiddlehead ferns cleaned for cooking

These Fiddlehead Ferns were picked last spring.

They are an edible delicacy that grow wild in our part of the country.

They are becoming increasingly difficult to find, and it is important to not pick all so the plant will continue to grow and produce the next year.

It is almost time to go check on our spot in the woods to see how they are coming.

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  1. What beautiful leaves!! Do they taste like lettuce?

  2. Lovely vibrant shot. Never knew ferns were edible so I learnt something today. LOL

  3. Even though I don't always comment, I always enjoy looking at your photos!

  4. Hi!

    I love your blog.
    It's interesting and beautiful.

    You're featured entrecard at my site now.
    Thanks for choosing my blog.

    Have a great day!

  5. Now that is the greeniest green I've seen in awhile! What does this delicacy taste like?

  6. Thanks, Jenty - they kind of taste like spinach - but with a different texture.

  7. Hi Arty - not all ferns, just a certain few - some of them contain toxins and you wouldn't want to eat those ones!

  8. Thanks Daisy - I also enjoy your posts!

  9. Thanks for commenting, Laane - I also enjoy your blog, and will be visiting shorty!

  10. Bobbie - I agree, they are the most beautiful green, but once they are cooked, they are an olive green color and not as pretty.

  11. Thanks for the mention, your photos are pleasing to the eyes

  12. thanks for the linky love! i was on vacation and just got back. sorry for the delayed reaction. i love entrecard droppin in ur site and lingering even to check out your beautiful shots. :-)


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