Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ABC Wednesday - K is for Kayak

K is for Kayak............

colorful kayaks stacked on a rack

I couldn't resist a shot of these colorful kayaks stacked on a wood rack beside a local pond.

I have noticed that this sport has been gaining in popularity in our area - I see more of them on car roof racks these days than ever before.

It is tempting - I would like to give it a try some day.

Some warm, summer day, so when I inevitably tip over, it won't be too cold.

And of course, my trusty camera, that is just about glued to my shoulder, will have to be left behind.

I will sorely miss those great photo ops that can only be taken when viewing the world from one of these little vessels!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

a stone sundial with an unusual design

It took me a while, but I finally joined Facebook this past summer.

Since I never made a post to announce it, I figured it was about time to do that.

It took a while to figure it out, but I must say, I really like the way it pulls all my blogs together.

There is an application that also posts the images I upload to my photo website.

And since I joined Twitter about the same time, it also pulls in all those posts.

And not only do I get to keep updated with all my blogging friends - we can comment on each others posts right there.

I am so glad I finally "discovered" this website.

I have a facebook and a networked blogs widget in the sidebar - thanks for stopping by!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday's Photo Tip - Keep Your Eyes Open

Friday's Photo Tip - Keep Your Eyes Open

two small brown mushrooms

This post is a bit different from my other photo tips posts, but I think a quick reminder is necessary.

If you are anything like me when the camera is up to your eye - the rest of the world becomes non-existent.

I'm concentrating on the DOF, f-stop, shutter speed, and composition and am consumed in those actions.

I'm not noticing the bystander on the bench, or his buddy that is sneaking his way towards me.

I'm holding almost $2000 in camera equipment in my hands, and I am alone in the city, taking a walk while waiting for my husband to finish up with his appointment.

It's not a good idea to close out the rest of the world when behind the lens.

We are usually together most of the time when we are in the city, and he watches over things - something that I don't even have to think while shooting images.

Until now.

Quick thinking kept me safe this time, but I think I much prefer the beasts in the woods to the beasts that inhabit the city.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ABC Wednesday - J is for Journal

J is for Journal............

an expense journal with a pen

We have been self-employed for over twenty years now, and I find the record keeping to be the most monotonous part of the whole business.

The computer has made life so much easier as far as recording everything, but all the paperwork still has to be organized, checked off, and accounted for before it gets input into the computer.

The general ledger and journal are much easier to deal with - I remember many sheets of columned paper that were all written and manually added.

I worked in a bank long before I became self employed, and my expense journals are nothing compared to theirs'.

But by the time I left, computers were beginning to make it easier there too.

Don't know where we would be without them, but it is good to know that if things ever went back to not having them, I could still work with those dreaded journals and ledgers.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time for a Dusting

Time for a Dusting

a napping kitty

Even though he is a feral cat, we keep an eye on him when he begins to start itching or twitching just a little too much.

He needs our assistance when a stubborn tick gets a hold of him, and when the fleas move in, we usually give him a dusting.

And he is not a happy camper when that happens.

We sweet talk him and hide the dust behind our back as we walk towards him pretending nothing is out of the ordinary.

But he knows every time and takes off in a hurry - we have got to come up with a new approach.

Because as much as he doesn't like it, after seeing several flea bites pictures online, we don't want any of those nasty bugs getting a hold of us either!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Dragonflies

Happy Dragonflies

a macro of a dragonfly against the sky

There were hatchings all around our yard this afternoon.

I saw them rising from the just mowed grass, so I went out to investigate.

The flying ants were taking flight as they crawled out of their holes in the ground, and the dragonflies were having a feast.

There weren't as many around as there is in the summer - the last few nights have been really cold, and they don't do well with it.

They will be around for the next couple of days - late summer weather is predicted tomorrow for the first day of autumn

They are as welcome as these next couple of warm days are!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's Photo Tip - Get Down to Their Level

Friday's Photo Tip - Get Down to Their Level

two small brown mushrooms

The knees and the hips aren't as flexible as they used to be, and the toes and ankles don't really like me to balance too long on them either.

But for the sake of a good photo, I assume a squatting, lunging, kneeling, or whatever position I must, to get down low enough to capture my subject.

And these guys were not easy - they were only a couple of inches above the ground.

I took many photos of them, but the most uncomfortable position yielded the best result.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ABC Wednesday - I is for Iris

I is for Iris............

historical houses at strawbery banke in nh

I didn't expect to find this little beauty while on a hike in the middle of the woods.

I always thought of the Iris as being a cultivated plant that was spread by it's roots.

There was only this one set, with three flowers on it.

It was growing alongside a beautiful spray of ferns, and the purple really stood out against all that green.

I am thinking it must be a wild variety of iris, but I am still not sure how it got to be where it was.

It was the only one around, and I am glad we were there at the right time to catch it in all it's glory!.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beautiful Daisies

Beautiful Daisies

a bouquet of white daisies

While on a walk one afternoon I noticed a spray of these beautiful white daisies in a garden beside the road.

They made me smile with their bright smiling faces, and I just couldn't resist grabbing a shot.

So many of them, all gathered together - sure wish I had the green thumb that this gardener does.

Hope they brighten your day as they did mine!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday's Photo Tip - Redirect Light

Friday's Photo Tip - Redirect Light

purple grapes against a white background

Shooting stock photographs that are set against a white background can be very tricky at times.

It took me a lot of experimenting to get it just right.

Shadows were always plaguing me, and most times my subjects always looked so dark and drab to me.

Using studio lighting isn't my favorite, but I was determined to make it work.

I found that by using a reflector or two I was able to bounce the light around.

That certainly brightened things up a lot, and it helped with those dark shadows too.

And another thing I have found to be helpful - make sure I wear a white shirt when doing these shoots.

Even that small detail can help to "add" or "direct" more light towards my subject when I am standing in front of it.

Some of the props I use are far from professional, but I have some darn good ones that work pretty well.

And looking at the final result, nobody would ever suspect how crazy some of them are.

What a good feeling it is when it all works!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ABC Wednesday - H is for Historical House

H is for Historical House............

historical houses at strawbery banke in nh

I have done several posts about the Strawbery Banke historical houses in the past, and this photo shows the full structure that is known as the Sherburne House.

These houses are all gathered around an open grassy center that is known as the Puddle Dock.

The Puddle Dock used to be a tidal pool along the Piscataqua River that dried up years ago into this flat grassy area.

Shipping was an important part of the original community in this area as the river lead inland into the Great Bay and it's estuary and many smaller rivers.

Growing up in this area was a treat and I never tire of visiting it when I get back to the seacoast.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flock of Wild Turkeys

Flock of Wild Turkeys

flock of wild turkeys in a field

We have seen more and more of these wild turkeys over the last few years.

They used to be on the endangered list in our region, but that is the case no longer.

There has been a spring and a fall hunting season for these birds as they have become so prolific.

But there are very specific rules that must be followed in each season.

They can only be hunted during a certain time of the day, and only males, or bearded females can be taken at a certain time.

The only birds in this flock are females though - no red beards to be seen.

I am hoping to get some closer shots of these birds this fall.

They are a quirky lot, these turkeys, and they easily spook if anything doesn't look just right to them.

And me being too close to them is certainly not right.

But I am anxious to give it a try!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday's Photo Tip - Time of Day Matters

Friday's Photo Tip - Time of Day Matters

a military refueling plane flying above

Outdoors in the natural light is my favorite way to take photographs.

I am not a big fan of flash or studio light photography in a controlled environment, although I have seen beautiful work done with both.

Since photography is all about capturing the light, I like the way Mother Nature paints with it, and if I am lucky enough to see it, capture it with my camera.

And most times, it's just the way the light is hitting a leaf or flower that really makes the whole photo - and it usually only lasts for a moment or two.

I find that the best times to take outdoor photos is in the morning or the afternoon and evening.

The very early morning and early evening photos can sometimes have the best light as the sun is slanting across the sky and making unique, long, softer shadows.

I have found that between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm, the light is very harsh and bright, and unless I am in the woods, and need this kind of light, then it doesn't produce very pleasing images.

This works for most of the year - except for the winter in my area. The sun is so far away with limited daylight hours, that the best time for taking photos is during those four hours.

Of course this time is probably a bit different around the world, depending on your location, but I think it would be safe to say that the noon hour is not the most prime time no matter where you are on our beautiful planet.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ABC Wednesday - G is for Geese

G is for Geese............

a pair of canadian geese beside a pond

The larger zoom lens would have come in real handy for this shot, but alas, I had to make due with the only one I had with me.

There was a family of these wild Canadian Geese living beside a pond on a golf course.

From all the grumbling of the golfers - there was not one person happy to see them there.

Not only were they chasing the players and the carts, they were leaving big messy droppings all over the green.

And when it comes to golfers - you don't mess with their green.

It all needs to be maintained just so in order to keep everyone happy, and the geese had no respect at all for that green.

I rather enjoyed the whole scene myself and had to hide my chuckles as I tried to snap a few photos from a distance.

I didn't want those geese to mistake me for one of those angry golfers and come after me too with a vengeance!

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