Friday, December 20, 2013

Another Winter for Rusty

Each winter I fear will be his last.

But with his determination and spirit, he always makes it through.

Rusty, our pet feral cat, came to us over 14 years, that we can figure.

Actually I think he has been around longer than that, as I remember our pet cat chasing him out of the yard, and he has been gone for over 15 years.

He refuses to come in the house - the wild in him just won't allow it.

But he is with us every time we step outside.

He follows us to get the mail, to shovel the snow, or just to walk around the house.

If we are working outside, he will be laying beside us, keeping us company and purring all the while.

He permits a pat, just barely tolerates being picked up, but when the brush comes around, he can't get enough of it.

He has put his winter heft and thick coat of fur back on.

And he is still at the door every morning and evening - he is not about to miss a meal.

We will continue our care for him as long as he wants to stay around.

And from the look of him, I believe he will make it through another tough New England winter.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Iced Cosmos Bloom

The snow came before the frost did earlier this season.

The delicate Cosmos blooms do not survive the frost.

But a bit of wet snow didn't seem to hurt them.

Bending under the weight of what is left of the ice crystals, the bloom popped back up once it all fell off.

A rare, beautiful sight, as the frost usually takes these flowers before the snow ever falls upon them.


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