Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thanks for the Review

A Review for My Blog

lacrosse players quickly running

Posh Review has done a review of this blog which I very much appreciate.

I thank her for her kind words.

She made a very important point that I had not thought about.

I mention in my sidebar that my images are for sale, but I have never had any clear instructions on how to go about purchasing them.

My website, Photography by KML, where they are purchased through, also has rather vague instructions. I will be working on that area to make it easier to find and understand.

In the meantime, if anyone has any questions about them, they can let me know through the comments section in this blog. I review them all before they are posted, so I will not miss it.

Thanks again to Posh Reviews! Be sure to visit her blog - she reviews everything - products, places, events - something for everyone!


  1. Well done, congrats!!!,,,THUMBS UP...your work is beautiful!!!

  2. hi kml, yeah do set up something for your can use the paypal button to request payments. ;-) then put a price tag on each or maybe just put prices are negotiable, whatever you prefer. maybe you can make like a catalog, and it would be like an additional page to your blog. :-)

    btw, don't forget to add me to your blog roll... :-) good day dear!

  3. Congrats, Kathy, on your review. Sounds like she made some good points.

    On my blog, I have my artist's showcase sites listed near the top of my sidebar, and I also refer to those sites in most of my posts, for prospective buyers.

    You might try marketing through Imagekind or Rising, if you haven't done that already...

    Enjoy the weekend, Kathy!


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