Thursday, May 22, 2008

Photography Products are my Favorites

Photography Favorites

fence post beside the ocean

I have been enjoying writing posts offered through the website. They have many quality advertisers that have provided opportunities for us to review and post about their products or websites.

It has gotten the creative writing juices flowing and trying to fit my images into the posts has been a challenge sometimes - but it has also given me some new ideas for my stock images.

SocialSpark is now asking for our input of which products and brands are our favorites so we can blog about the things we love.

Well for me, that is a very easy question - anything photography related would be right up my ally!

Art products are also a big hit as well as anything that has to do with cooking or food or fishing.

I am not fussy about which brands. I have a Sony DSLR and love all the Sony products.

My filters and lenses are all different brands, as is my tripod and monopod.

My boys love to fish and eat - as you can see from many of my photos - fishing and food products would get their interest as well.

I think it is great that they have given us this opportunity to express our opinions and desires. Once again I am pleased to be part of this great community!

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  1. and yes. this seems to be a fantastic place. Personally, I use canon 350D dslr and sigma lenses

  2. Hey,
    beautiful photos!!! Really great shots and very very nice motives!

    I would like to invite you to and upload some of your photos, so that others can use them as wallpaper and enjoy your photo every time they look on there screen!
    It would be great if you take a look. Its a complete free service for everyone! (You can also put a link in your profile, so that this link will be published next to every published photo!)

    Best Regards,


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