Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Thursday Edition - Rocks and Shells

Rocks and Shells

macro of rocks and shells along the shore

We stopped along a stretch of the ocean that was really a part of a large bay.

There is a spot for cars to park, and we walked along the rocky shore.

Not much sand in this area - but there were many rocks and snail shells of all shapes and sizes.

By the color of these rocks, you can see that many of them are broken bricks.

I am not quite sure why they were all here. As long as I can remember - 40 years or so - this area has always been a park - no houses or brick structures around.

There are two bridges that span the bay, and perhaps many years ago there were pilings made of bricks for an old bridge or pier.


  1. it's so beautiful so many colors!!!

  2. Kathy, these are beautiful, bricks or not. Before I read your text I noted how angular some of the shards are, compared to the rounded rocks we find on the beach here. And I was wondering if they were just heavy in iron oxides and from a different geological process than those scattered by the Ice Age here.

    Now I know they are brick!

    Lovely capture!


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