Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Roots

R is for Roots .......

tangled roots that have been exposed to the weather

The upturned tree showed the intricate root structure on a recent hike.

They had been exposed to the weather for quite some time.

Smooth and dried, they were quite a mass of tangles.

This area is part of the flood control system, and there are many of these tree root balls as you walk through the woods.

All are in varying degrees of decay - some just recently upturned with the fine roots and soil still intact.

The older ones have such character and the textures are beautiful - Mother Nature's art.


  1. nice pic of dry roots, really a fine shot

  2. wonderful textures

  3. I like old roots.
    I have several in my garden. As decorations.
    Nice shot! :)


  4. Very nice take on R today. :D

  5. Roots!
    Good idea and I didn't think of it even I have a hard time a few days ago with a big root in my garden.
    Nice shot too!
    Petunia's ABC

  6. Ah, roots! Good choice for "R"! I love to see lots of old roots, from big old trees, twisting and turning. Sometimes they become steps for walkers through the woods.

  7. What a great picture....I had some roots from my trip to San Francisco of the Sequoias but didn't think of it til just now! thanks for stopping to visit!

  8. A beautiful photograph and a poetic commentary.

  9. A beautiful photograph and a poetic commentary.

  10. I guess the tree must be a big one. Was it storm that made it exposed its root?

  11. Never even thought of roots for R and I am glad you did and that your picture is so neat!

  12. There is nothing like the art of mother nature. Beautiful composition and great choice for the letter R.

  13. You have certainly got to the root of the problem...

  14. Beautiful shot of Roots. Great shapes and textures.

  15. Intriguing and so evocative of nature.


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