Sunday, September 23, 2012

Entrecard Droppers

It seems that the days of using Entrecard have come to an end.

It has been down almost a week now and from what little I can gather across the web - it will be staying that way.

I am glad that most of the blogs I visited on a daily basis are still available in my browser's history.

I have made a new folder in my bookmarks and have added many of them to it.

I will continue to visit them off and on as I have always enjoyed reading what many of them had to say.

I had four blogs in the system, and doing my drops brought decent traffic to them.

I do hope that those who dropped on my blogs will continue to stop by occasionally when they have a minute.

I thank you all who visited these past few years through Entrecard - it was good while it lasted!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ABC Wednesday - H is for Hand

This was taken during my grandson's 1st birthday and he was really enjoying it - cake and frosting was everywhere.

Hard to believe that he is now over 2 1/2 and heading for another birthday in just a few months.

He loves to sit with me on the computer and look at photos - especially when they have people he knows in them.

Next time he comes I must remember to show him this one.

He will not be impressed with the mess - he doesn't like them and let's us know all about them when they are around.

I wonder what his thoughts will be when he finds out that that messy hand is his.

This is the eleventh round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


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