Sunday, May 25, 2008

Music on my Phone

Music on my Phone

a teen and her cell phone

We just signed a new cell phone contact with our wireless carrier, and we were able to receive upgraded phones as a bonus.

My previous phone was made well but didn't perform well electronically, so I decided to go with a different brand. I ended up with one of the new Walkman phones.

It has tons of great features - the pedometer is my favorite - but it's biggest feature is the ability to put songs on a removable memory card.

After sorting through many old CD's and putting loads of songs on my phone, I began to think about downloading some newer songs from the internet.

So the search began. I am always on the lookout for a good deal, and I came across a site where I could Get Free Music From

Not wanting to do anything illegal, I looked more into what they had to offer and was surprised to see it really was free. In exchange, you need to complete a survey or try new product.

The site is advertiser supported, and they pay the royalties to the artists for each song so the members do not pay for the downloads.

Sounds like a fair exchange to me - time to go load up the little phone!


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