Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

red rose bud from a wild rose bush

I would like to dedicate this post to all my readers.

When I first started my website in April 2007, I added a blog feature with the intention of using it as a tool for posting photo tips, technology, and techniques.

It wasn't until the summer that I had some time to really explore blogland - and I was pleasantly surprised about what I found.

There are some really terrific people out there with some great blogs - and I became hooked.

I have learned so much from many of your interesting posts and have virtually visited all corners of the earth, the space above it, and the depths within it.

The images you post and the stories behind them are always a joy to read.

I am honored to have each of you as my friends in blogland and thank you for enriching me with pieces of what you love and enjoy in this life - I can share in it through your posts.

I wish you all nothing but the best for the New Year.

Stay safe and Enjoy!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

ABC Wednesday - W

(The Wordless Wednesday post is beneath this post.)

W is for Walkway to the Ocean .......

walkway to the ocean

This boardwalk is built into the sand dunes of a small park beside the ocean.

The visitors are not allowed off the walkway in order to protect the flora and fauna that make their homes in this beautiful area.

The blue ocean is just over the crest of the walkway that comes to an abrupt end on the sandy beach.

The swaying grasses and stunted pines are unique to this particular area in Maine.

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Wordless Wednesday - Ford Hood Ornament

Ford Hood Ornament

antique ford hood ornament

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

christmas chocolate fudge

Happy Holidays
Felices Fiestas
Bonnes Fêtes
Feste Felici
Feriados Felizes
Frohe Feiertage
Gelukkige Vakantie
Glad Fridager
ευτυχείς διακοπές
счастливый отпуск
행복한 휴일

Wishing a happy holiday season to all my readers and all the best for the New Year!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ABC Wednesday - V

(The Wordless Wednesday post is beneath this post.)

V is for Violet .......

a small purple violet wildflower

This sweet little wildflower was transplanted into my rock garden about seven years ago.

It was only a small patch with a couple of blooms.

Over the years, these little purple Violet wildflowers have spread beyond the garden and into the yard.

In fact, the lawn mowing had to be postponed until these little beauties had passed.

Wonder how many there will be this spring.

I used my Tamron 90mm macro lens to capture this close-up - I love the bokeh this lens produces as well as its sharp images.

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Wordless Wednesday - Snow on the Net

Snow on the Net

abstract of snow on a net

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday - Snow Covered Pines

Snow Covered Pines for Green Thumb Sunday

snow covered balsam pine trees

Green Thumb Sunday Blogroll

How to join Green Thumb Sunday

This is how my Balsam Fir Pine trees looked yesterday morning after 10 inches of snow fell the night before.

We are getting a major snowstorm tomorrow, so I fear the poor things will be completely drooped after we get the predicted 12 inches.

One of these was going to be our Christmas tree this year but it looks as if we will have to come up with another idea.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ABC Wednesday - U

(The Wordless Wednesday post is beneath this post.)

U is for Under the Bridge .......

water under a stone bridge

This old foot bridge is constructed of solid Granite blocks.

It is in a local park and is named Pierce Bridge, after our 14th US President, Franklin Pierce.

The park was established in 1884, and is one of the oldest in our state.

It is enjoyed by families and individuals in all our New England seasons.

old stone foot bridge made of granite

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Wordless Wednesday - Stone Fireplace

Stone Fireplace

a fireplace constructed of stones

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday - Ice Drop

Ice Drop for Green Thumb Sunday

ice formed around a rose hip

Green Thumb Sunday Blogroll

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My little Wild Rose bush is still beautiful in the winter.

Gone are the abundant bright pink blooms of the summer and fall.

The pretty little green buds and foliage are also missing.

After a recent ice storm, a crystal drop was formed atop one of the dried thorny stalks.

As soon as the temperature rises above freezing, this little work of art will be gone.

Mother Nature sure knows how to put on a show!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

ABC Wednesday - T

(The Wordless Wednesday post is beneath this post.)

T is for Toe Socks .......

colorful striped toe socks

Having a pair of these colorful toe socks was all the rage back when I was a teenager.

When I saw them in a store a couple years ago, I couldn't resist buying a pair for my daughter.

Needless to say, she was quite unimpressed and folded them away in her drawer and soon forgot them.

When they reappeared in the "give away" pile, I couldn't help rescuing them for a few shots.

They will find a spot in my drawer - to be worn when it is least expected - just for old times sake!

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Wordless Wednesday - Reflections


reflections in the window of an old log cabin

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Awards Celebration Continued

This post will be a continuation of yesterday's post. We have a couple more loaves of banana
bread to get us through.

two loaves of freshly baked banana bread

Debbie, over at the New England Lighthouse Blog, honored my blog with several awards. It was quite a wonderful surprise to see her sailing over with these awards!

I am a huge lighthouse fan and have been enjoying her posts for these last couple of months.

Her blog is filled with gorgeous photos and lots of information on the Lighthouses of New England, which is right up my alley as I am familiar with many of them.

She also covers the news and happenings of the many lighthouses around the rest of the US and Canada. A wealth of info and great links await her readers - enjoy a visit today!

I am passing on the Best Blogging Buddies award to, Aiyana, over at Water When Dry.

She blogs about gardening in the desert, and her posts contain beautiful photos of cactus and succulent plants.

I found her blog through our Green Thumb Sunday memes and have enjoyed it ever since!

The Be the Blog award goes to Serena, over at Searen Art and Design.

She is a gifted artist and her drawings and paintings never fail to astound me.

Her blog is worth a visit to view this wonderful artwork for yourself!

The Blogging that hits the Mark Award goes to Fruity, over at Fruit Species.

Fruity writes about many different fruits, and has introduced us to some really exotic kinds that don't appear edible at first glance.

This blog is full of information and photos of the fruits and seeds - I am always anxious for the next post to see what Fruity has to share with us!

The Smile Award goes to Lynda, over at Peripheral Vision - Inner Sights by Lynda Lehmann.

Lynda takes astounding nature photography and is a beautiful painter also!

Once you view her images and paintings, and feel the peacefulness they bring, you too will smile!

Many thanks are given to Debbie for sharing these awards with me, and I hope my recipients are also pleased. You are welcome to pass them forward to deserving blogs that you visit. Enjoy!!

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