Friday, February 5, 2021

Winter Color

Just after a fresh snowfall, when everything is still covered, black and white are the predominate colors in the winter.

The red of the cardinal birds stands out beautifully in the trees.

The blue of the sky beyond those trees is just as vivid as the red birds.

But it's pretty hard to find other colors in a winter landscape after Mother Nature lays down a new snow layer.

That was the case today on my afternoon walk - no cardinals or blue sky to be found.

Just a lot of black and white with varying shades of gray in between.

There was one stray flash of color though that caught my eye as I passed by.

The white of the snow against the lime green of an overturned pail really stood out.

It beckoned me to take a closer look.

My phone was small enough to fit between the thorny branches and get close enough to capture the shot.

A winter abstract, with a splash of color - makes for an interesting composition.



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