Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Rising Waters

Rising Waters

rising waters at the dam control tower

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  1. I like the angle you took this pic. not the ordinary one! :)
    you must be a pro!

  2. That looks like us. We had a ton of ice run-off and then it rained like three inches right after it melted. It was a mess for the low-lying areas.

    Write From Karen

  3. Great Wednesday post! I really enjoyed it! Please come check out some cute "Male bonding"

  4. HI Karen - that was last spring. We are still buried too!

  5. Kathy, this photo reminded me trip to Hoover Dam, it was season when water was low. Very nice and well composed photo. Anna :)

  6. Neat shot Kathy, looks like you have has as much rain or snow as we have had this winter.


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