Sunday, February 10, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday - Beaver Lodge

Beaver Lodge for Green Thumb Sunday

a beaver home in a swamp

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For the last couple of weeks, I have been posting about a hike through a swamp, and about a tree that a beaver had gnawed down.

This will be the last post on the beaver, I promise.

The above image is of the beaver's house, or lodge.

It looks like a mass of sticks just piled together in the water, but there is really quite a network that he has built under the water that we can't see.

He places the trees just so, and the entrance to his home is nowhere near the lodge - it starts quite a ways from it - almost like a tunnel of sticks and trees under the water.

He builds several of these tunnels - it is always nice to have an escape route if needed.

Since this was out in the middle of the swamp, this was as close as I could get to it.

Many years ago I stood on top of a lodge that was built right next to a dam that a beaver had also built.

No camera at that time, but the underwater network he had built was amazing.

The "Busy as a beaver" saying takes on a whole new meaning after viewing all they accomplish with just their teeth and paws as tools!

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  1. Oh thats nice shot and cool shot. TC

  2. Well, I liked reading about the beaver as I've never seen one. I think they are fascinating. Happy GTS,

  3. Nice beaver.

    Fascinating indeed. And thanks for the visit! Haha and for the drop too. I'll give you back the favor

  4. I've enjoyed all of your posts about the beavers and their works. If you have more, you have my encouragement to begin another round. ;-}

  5. Kathy, beavers are cool, don't worry, love any of your photos, never got bored - beaver and no beaver, lol. Thanks for sharing, that must have been nice trip. Anna :)

  6. Nature's best constructors...=) Lovely greens!

  7. I've enjoyed your beaver series. Great shot!


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