Sunday, February 17, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday - Weeds Against the Sky

Weeds Against the Sky for Green Thumb Sunday

green weeds against the blue sky

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Back to the days of summer with this post.

I was sitting down on the rocks at the ocean, and upon turning around, back towards the shore, I spotted a patch of weeds growing out of the rocks above me.

The clouds had just cleared and the green color looked quite striking against the blue sky.

Upon a closer inspection of them, they had tiny little white flowers along the length of the stalk, so I think they are some type of wildflower.

Next season, I will spend an extra minute checking them out to find what kind they are.

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  1. That's very effective...beautiful pic, Kathy ~

  2. Very pretty -- and definitely very summery.

  3. Looking through grasses/weeds does make for a great photo. I posted one similar not too long ago. Of course it was taken a while back... all is cold and frozen now!

  4. Lovely to see a spot of summer. I'm watching a blizzard from my window this very minute.

  5. Funny--when I first saw the photo I thought to myself that it was probably taken by the ocean! I don't know a thing about the weeds near the ocean, but something in the photo must have triggered some memory. Very nice. Happy GTS,

  6. Aiyana - That's weird how photos can do that - you were right on the button though!

  7. great photo and i love the fact that it is summer makes me think that it may not be too far off. LOL

  8. Hi Kathy,
    A weed is just a plant in the wrong place....nice image though.

    Cheers Mark

  9. Peaceful picture and so beautiful. Cool here today. Yesterday we had heavy rain and strong winds. Also had tornado warnings and watches. Today is a much better day.

  10. beautiful shot ans also the text

  11. Kathy, this is nice and so refreshing, really like the green on blue. Beautiful. Anna :)


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