Friday, February 29, 2008

Most Popular Photos

Most Popular Photo

sleeping cat is most popular image

I have a voting system in place on my website that allows the viewer to rate my photos.

All the images that have been rated, are shown on the Most Popular page, which is a link along the top of every page on the website.

While browsing through the images, the viewer will notice a "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" when they hover over the photo. Clicking on one of them rates the image.

The photo above of the Sleeping Kitty has held the number one spot for many weeks now. Another image of him holds the number three spot as of this posting.

It has been interesting these last few months to see the images change positions as my viewers rate them.

I like to watch when a new one appears on the end and makes it's way up the line.

Clicking on any of the photos in any of my blog posts will bring you to my website where you can also vote.

It also shows you a larger view of the image which really brings out the details.

I encourage you to vote and thank you for all the votes you have made already!

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  1. I can see why, it's absolutely beautiful!

  2. Hey Kathy, off to check it out, love the kitty sleeping, too cute, I love anything to do with cats, so mysterious and good.

  3. I can see why it is popular Kathy, a very tranquil lovely image, very nice work !

  4. You just cant look at the kitty and not smile...;-)

  5. I voted for one of your photos, but I have to apologize that I selected it as a "1" thinking that was the highest rating. It really should have received the top rating.

  6. I find it so peaceful and relaxing to watch my cats sleep. This is a wonderful photo! I gave it thumbs up.

  7. No doubt why Sleeping Kitty is the most popular photo on your site, Kathy. He's marvelous.

  8. The paw tucked under the chin is what makes this photo so intimate and special. Nice work.

  9. Kathy, this is in fact very nice photo of the cat, so peaceful, and I am not surprised that it is a most popular photo. Thanks for sharing again, Anna :)

  10. That is such a typical cat - totally relaxed, but the eye ever so slightly open to see what you are doing. Delightful photo


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