Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rising Waters

Rising Waters

rising water at the dam

It was a winter of record breaking snowfall here in the Northeast. The snow was piling high on the roof tops - there were more roof cave-ins than we had ever seen in this area.

The roofs that didn't get cleared off and were lucky enough to avoid collapsing, had thick ice build up all along their eves. This created havoc inside with the melting ice seeping into the walls and ceilings causing major Water damage.

And if that wasn't enough, the spring rains moved in. There were floods all along the rivers - one house was swept completely away, land and all, as it gave in to the flowing currents.

Many homeowners piled sandbags to avoid the rising waters, but it managed to slowly seep in - filling basements and living areas with water.

Our area of the country was not the only region affected by all this water this past winter - the nightly news carried stories of rising rivers and torrential rain all across the nation.

All of this water created many headaches and work for homeowners. There are many helpful resources available for water damage restoration online, as homeowners search for solutions for their specific needs.

Fast help is important and can be found here, at Dryout, Inc. They offer their services nationwide either online or with a toll-free number - for homeowners and businesses alike. With emergency forms available online and fast response times, homeowners can find help and piece of mind sooner.

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