Sunday, May 18, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday - Large Green Ferns

Large Green Ferns for Green Thumb Sunday

green fern leaves in the spring

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The photo does not show it, but these ferns were some of the largest I have ever seen. And I have only captured the tips of them.

There is no way I could have fit the whole fern in the frame.

In their relaxed position in the photo, they are up to my chest. If they were held straight up, they would be way over my head.

It was a surprise to run into them while hiking through the woods. It was also darker, so I couldn't get as perfect a shot as I wanted.

Next time I will be sure to bring the monopod with me.


  1. That's huge!!! I love ferns!

    My Green Thumb is shared - hope you can stop by for a visit. I love Sunday company!!!

  2. Hey Kathy, great shot, love the way the light works with the shot, and I love the green,lol.

  3. Nice photo. I saw some ferns in Hawaii years ago that were as tall as the trees they were using as a support. It was shocking!
    Happy GTS,

  4. I love ferns at the best of times, and this shot is lovely. I love the green-ness of it.

  5. Now thats a big fern! Happy GTS!

  6. Wow that's a big fern. I really like the colors in this photo too.

    We had one fern in our little garden but I think it died out last summer due to the area it was in being too dry.

  7. That is "major green." I love ferns, too.


  8. We don't have ferns in my neighborhood.
    But in our old one we did.
    I hear that fern is one best things in your home to take out toxin in air.

  9. wonderful close up

  10. We don't have ferns in our yard, but this year the spring rains have really helped grow our "privette" bushes. The blooms were just gorgeous, perfuming the air with a sweet scent. Looks like those ferns had plenty of water to help them too...:)


  11. Oh my I love this shot. The greens and the lighting is just perfect.

    I just started in photography. I used to work in oils and then got hooked on graphics.

    But, now I am a novice absolutely hooked and glued to my camera.

    Excellent...simply lovely!!:-)

  12. Wow...That is some really big ferns, you did a great job presenting them to us, well done Kathy !! :)


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