Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reflection Abstract - My World

Reflection Abstract - My World

ice melting around the rocks at the lake

The edge of the ice in the little pond down the road.

The bright blue sky is reflected in the still water giving this image some pleasing color.

On a cloudy day, the pond is all brown. The dirt and decaying leaves really give it a drab look.

The polarizer on the lens really picked up the blue reflection while still allowing the brown beneath the surface in the foreground to show through.

In another month or so, there should be plenty of green to make the whole scene more pleasing to view.

MWT White


  1. what a great photo. reminds me how I used to hang out by the creek in the spring in the back yard as a kid, taking in the wonders of the snow melting, the icy-cold, clear water with the mucky-muck at the bottom...green things beginning to show themselves on the edge of the creek...

    What a great memory. I can even still remember the smell!

  2. Just a stunning photograph!!! Can't wait to see what that same spot looks like in summer.


  3. Lovely, the reflections are so good.


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