Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Buds are Coming

New Buds are Coming

soft pussy willow buds int he spring

I saw them today on a tree outside the shopping mall.

There were tiny soft buds on the tree that we had parked our car beside.

I think it is too early for them to budding, but with the gorgeous weather we have been having the last week or so, I can't blame them for sprouting.

The above image was taken a couple of springs ago - soft pussy willow buds - captured at just the right time before they shed their furry skin.

Once the snow has melted on our yard, I will be inspecting the garden for the crocus and daffodil greens.

Love that spring!


  1. Kathy I love spring also. Spring is definitely in the air, however we been showered with lots of rain last couple of days. The snow is almost done, hope to see some life coming out from the ground soon. Kathy nice image, and hope all is well with you. Anna :)

  2. Hai Kathy, I have a pussy willow in my back yard, no buds let but it is getting warmer here, love that tree. Great shot!

  3. Oh, the glorious things to look forward to when spring comes! I am so excited to be seeing Canadian Geese migrating back! Oh, and I killed a couple yellow jackets lazily searching for a potential home. Love it!

  4. I like pussy-willows. the sign of spring.

  5. I either have to learn to take decent macro shots and find some of these, or just buy this print from you. It is now my favorite of all your shots. Not that the others aren't great, but I have an affinity for pussy willow.

  6. Spring holds so much much anticipation. It was definitely my favorite season when I lived in the East Coast for 5 years. Cheers!


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