Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ABC Wednesday - G is for Green Pepper

G is for Green Pepper............

the inside of a green pepper

We use a lot of these guys in many of our recipes, so cutting them up has become quite an easy chore.

The sun happened to be coming through the window at just right time and amount one afternoon and it lit up the inside of the green pepper on my cutting board.

Positioning it just right and washing my hands, I then went to get my camera.

My family is used to the camera appearing at the oddest times, but when all things come together just right, one has to take advantage of it.

It I had waited until the next time, that light would have never been right.

This is the sixth round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. it looks like a flower all unto itself. Lovely macro shot. Although not a pro, my camera appears at the oddest times as well. :-)

  2. Green Peppers are Good. I don't Guess I have ever seen one that Glowed though.

    Great, Glowing Green Pepper!

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday Team, Thanks for joining this week.
    We'd love to see you back next week too!


  3. You took that inside your house? Without back-up lighting? Oh, I wish the light would come in my house like that. Lots of windows in the north side of the house, not very many and way small one's in the south side. Problem is...the sun hits the south side and not the north side and any point during the day. The result? poor lighting!

  4. I do whip my camera out like that, but most times everything has changed by the time I'm ready!

  5. Very well captured - that light is wonderful! And peppers are quite photogenic, aren't they?

  6. Hi Troy - me either, that why the camera just had to come out!

  7. Hi Alterity - I feel your pain - the North just doesn't yield any light. This window is a west one and the afternoon light is the best pretty much all year round except for the two shortest daylight months.

    It is good light, but really not as much as the camera wanted even with the sunbeam right on the back of the pepper.

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  8. Hi A. - I have had that happen many times too!

  9. Thanks, Jay - this one certainly was!

  10. Never thought that I could find Green Pepper beautiful, lol !

  11. I totally respect your ability to find beauty in everyday life. And you are able to make it look so easy when I know it's not. You found the light perfectly in that capture.

  12. I love the translucency

  13. I also many times stop and get the camera...the light will change in an instant!
    Gorgeous green pepper....

  14. Waiting for the light to be right or seeing that the light is right and not having the camera set up! I know all about that dilemma!
    But your photo is great!
    Best wishes,


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