Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ABC Wednesday - I is for Insects

I is for Insects............

hands in a bucket of dry ice

Insect look a-likes, that is.

These are all hand-tied flies for fly fishing.

These little ones are called nymphs, and they are made to look exactly like the real ones.

Most fly fisherman will take their tie flying gear with them, and they will catch a real one to see what it looks like, and what the fish are feeding on in the area.

They will then duplicate it with their threads, feathers, fur, beads, and hooks so they can catch what is biting.

It is hard to fool the fish, so the fly has to not only look real, but act it too.

It is quite an art to tie and sculpt them into these little imitation insects.

These are the little ones that measure under an inch.

The big ones are the real beauties!

This is the sixth round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. Clever take on theme!

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you!

  2. My Dad tied his own flies when I was a kid. Since then I have always wanted to learn to fly fish just to have the excuse to tie my own. It is so fascinating!

  3. Very nice work on the flies. I am ready to go fishing


  4. It must really take a lot of patience to create those. Some of them look so real.

  5. I thought they were real insects! They look really lovely now I know they aren't.

  6. I never knew any of this and these are so cool. What a creative idea.

  7. Some people have a lot of patience to tie those tiny little bits. Very original choice for the letter I.

  8. Those are real artistic! Some of those flies that fishermen use are pretty incredible looking!

  9. I hopeyou catch the big one soon!!
    Great looking flies!

  10. Well, I don't fish, but I did know what these are. Great photo, design and super sharp. Must say I like your cat best though :)

  11. Did you tie these? My dad used to do his own but I don't know anyone who does that anymore. Good post!

  12. I know they aren't real...but ick... I do appreciate the art and skill of it though...

  13. My husband is on a new venture to learn fly fishing, so I guess I'm going to be hearing quite a bit about it.

    Interesting post and lovely photo, Kathy.

    Do all these all belong to you, and did you make them? Do you fish off that dock in the photo below?

  14. Great solution to the challenge!
    I used to paint pictures of lures.
    Best wishes


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