Friday, March 19, 2010

Bigger Flies for Fly Fishing

Bigger Flies for Fly Fishing

large flies for fly fishing

In my last post, I posted an image of hand tied nymph flies for fly fishing.

They are beautiful little works of art, but the larger ones are the ones that are really beautiful.

This tray holds flies that range from two inches to just about four inches.

They are so pretty, I think it is almost a shame to use them.

They can be reused once they have dried off, but they are never quite the same as when they were just created.

My stepson tied these beauties, and he and my son tied the smaller ones in the previous post.

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  1. I tried to post on your small flies last time, and now I have to try again with these flies. For some reason, my captcha wouldn't work!

    anyway, fishing flies, or at least the hand created ones, are certainly small works of art. Not to mention, can you imagine how tedeous they are to make. I'm not much of a fisherwoman, but I sure can appreciate the beauty of hand-tied flies!


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