Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cabin in the Spring - My World

Cabin in the Spring - My World

log cabin in the early spring

My last post showed this same cabin covered in snow.

There are several other posts through the years on this blog that feature this cabin also.

This photo was taken in the very early spring, before all the beautiful green grass appeared.

In fact, if you look closely, you can see little brown tufts on the ground.

Those are mole hills and they were everywhere around these cabins that spring.

The photo with the snow certainly has a lot more charm and appeal.

MWT White


  1. so charming!


  2. Kathy, a nice place to go away, it must be very cozy inside. Anna :)

  3. Hi KML,
    I think this is a pretty picture of the cabin. It would be neat to go visit and go inside. I live out in the country and I do have woods behind my house. Have a great day and take good care! :-)


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