Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dandelions in the Grass- My World

Dandelions in the Grass - My World

yellow dandelions in the green grass in the spring

Dreaming of spring once again - and it's only mid-January.

These little yellow dandelions are considered a pesky weed by most as they tend to take over a green lawn in no time flat. This photo can attest to that!

But seeing even their cheery little faces would sure make this winter seem less dreary.

I have always enjoyed watching the life cycle of the dandelions - and blowing the little seeds off the top of the mature flowers is still just as fun as it was years ago.

MWT White


  1. i would not mind seeing them as well. i am so over the snow and ice and cold. the majority of our front and back yard is still covered with snow :)
    have a wonderful week.

  2. Peter & Gordon', 'Dreeeeam, dream ,dream, dream, dram, dreeeeeam......'

  3. Hey I am with you, thinking of spring and summer.
    Lovely photo.

  4. Is this your shot? Nice angle you have taken!

  5. They are nuisance weeds but the yellow flowers are pretty. My Husband quickly mows them off.


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