Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Fine Layer of Snow

A Fine Layer of snow

fine snow on the pine needles

We woke up yesterday with over seven inches of snow - it was supposed to be only 2-3 inches according to the weatherman.

By this morning we were supposed to have an additional 6-10 inches.

We had just a little over an inch, and the gusting wind had blown it all around.

A fine layer was left on the small pine boughs in the back yard.

I bet the trees were all so happy for this small amount - their branches take a beating when the big ones come.


  1. The contrast between the green of the needles and the white of the snow is beautiful.

  2. Kathy weather man is never right, lol.
    You know this is very nice photo, beautiful contrast between white snow and green pine. Happy new year 2010, and hope all is well. Anna :)


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