Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ABC Wednesday - Y is for Yellow Forsythia

Y is for Yellow Forsythia............

yellow forsythia blossoms in the spring

The bright yellow of the Forsythia plant is a sure sign of spring.

And we won't be seeing them for another 4 months.

Just seeing these blossoms from last year brightens the spirits though.

I love to see those well cared for bushes that are just bursting with color, but a few sprigs can be pleasing too.

These shrubs are not native to our land, as most of them originated in Asia, but they are so abundant that it seems they have been here all along.

A much needed reminder of spring to get us through the remaining cold weeks of winter.

This is the fifth round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. Forsythia is one of my favorites. It brings back so many good memories of my mother - she was so excited, always, to see the first yellow bud! Lovely Y post!

  2. Ohhh, how lovely! I grew up in PA and remember seeing the Forsythias blooming (I rather miss them, as there don't seem to be any in Alabama). Thanks for the trip down memory lane :o)

  3. The yellow forsythia is really something to look forward to! I don't have any of my own, although a few shoots are beginning to creep over from my neighbour's bush. It looks like mine, though, when it droops over my back fence in the spring - and they don't mind me nipping off a few sprigs for the house!

  4. Nice colouring. I must admit a pet peeve of mine though is having too much background blur for a subject. I have a friend who thinks photos like that are great and she produces lots of them herself. I guess its one of those personal opinion things really. In the end, I know I couldnt do any better.

  5. Haha Roger - I think sometimes it will never get here either!

  6. Ha ha, Jay! You get the beauty without all the work of having to take care of them!

  7. Hi Matt - that is all contollable with the camera and lens - I love the Bokeh backgrounds, but sometimes all crisp and clear works too.

  8. That really is nice to see a picture of some flowers. Spring is coming eventually. Can't wait for those flowers.


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