Monday, September 22, 2008

Summer Dragonflies

Summer Dragonflies

a dragonfly perched on a finger

I just love to look up into the sky towards the evening and see all the dragonflies flying and enjoying the warm air currents.

They are at all different levels - some right above our heads, and others are way up there - instinctively missing each other as they dart around.

I was quite intrigued one evening when I went out to see the dragonflies all concentrated in one area above the rock wall along the driveway.

They were making sharp turns in small circles, and there had to be about fifty of them - all in this one area.

Well, come to find out, there had been a hatching of flying ants, and the dragonflies were devouring them as soon as they took flight from their underground nest.

I was awfully glad to see them having such a feast - these ants are such pests to us.

Although our ants are not as vicious as the fireant species that invades my aunt's yard in Texas, they are quite invasive in our house - especially in the spring.

Mother Nature has a way of balancing things and it is always an experience to see it in action.

Glad to have these little dragonflies on our side!


  1. I didn't realize dragonflies ate ants - I'll look at these guys in a whole different light now.

  2. love it, love it, love it...they make great subjects...beautiful!

  3. Excellent shot Kathy!! 50 dragonflies, wow, very cool.

  4. Sheila - and you can hear them crunching on them too!

  5. I have something for you over on my blog..;-)

  6. Hi...Just browsing...I had to check out your dragon photo...great shot! I photograph many around our pond, I just love them!

  7. Kathy, never seen yellow one before. And wow on the finger. I used to be scared of them until few years ago to find out that they don't bite, lol. Great photo as always. Anna :)

  8. Spooky - thanks for stopping by!

    Anna - Me too. It took my daughter to teach me they were harmless! They seem to love her and are always landing on her.


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