Monday, September 29, 2008

Hunting Season is Drawing Near

Hunting Season is Drawing Near

a teen boy aiming a hunting rifle

The leaves have turned and many have began to fall and dry on the ground.

The boys have been talking about hunting and are on the computer checking the dates for the various game seasons.

Bow season has already opened, and we have done some walking in the woods around our home to check for tracks.

This early season is my favorite as the weather is still gorgeous and we are not all bundled up in layers to keep warm.

For the boys, the bow is also a lot lighter to carry than their rifles. All the accessories they need to carry that goes along with their black powder weapons is included in belt packs and vest pockets.

They still carry their knives and other hunting gear, but the bows and arrows are lighter to lug around.

Of course all the shooting I do is with my camera and I don't bring any extra lenses with me - the woods are too dark for my longer, slower ones. I am so used to carrying my camera with me everywhere I go that I hardy even feel the weight of it any more.

As soon as the black powder season opens, the boys will be retrieving their weapons from the gun safes and readying them for their morning hunts.

They are very meticulous about their rifles. They thoroughly clean them after each time they are used, and at the end of the season, they are oiled and stored safely away.

They go through them again at the beginning of the season. They also prepare their bullets, as they use black powder which needs to be measured and packed correctly.

Then there is the sighting to make sure the scope is aligned correctly with the barrel. Any bumping or even just leaning against the scope can throw it off.

I always look forward to these hikes with my boys in the woods. Nobody seems to mind that they do not find anything when I'm with them.

Of course I find a lot to shoot - the trees, the mushrooms, and the woods with it's unique light.


  1. Love the shot Kathy, reminds me of my scope, great time right now for astronomy too.

  2. This image brings back fond memories Kathy, I use to hunt regularly until I picked up my camera, I kept all my guns and gear in case my son ever gets the urge to hunt, thanks for sharing this it's a wonderful image !!

    BTW Have a safe season !!


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