Sunday, September 7, 2008

Silky Milkweed for Green Thumb Sunday

Silky Milkweed for Green Thumb Sunday

silky milkweed seeds in a dried pod

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As I mentioned last week, this photo is the final one in the series of Milkweeds and Thistles.

It shows how that cushy green pod in last week's post has dried up and become hard and brown.

The silky fluff inside has also become dried and each seed waits to catch a ride on the wind.

This image was taken with the 35-80mm kit lens that came with my camera.

It was before I had purchased my macro lens, so this was as close as I could get to it and still have the focus sharp.

The details of this plant were just beautiful in the afternoon sun, and I can just imagine how the macro lens would have captured the fine silky hairs with even more definition.

It is one of my favorite shots.

I remember, it was one of those perfect, warm, fall afternoons, and we had slipped out for a quick ride on the motorcycle before the kids came home from school.

This photo was an unexpected surprise on an impromptu ride - one reason my camera comes with me everywhere I go!


  1. Your seed-pod photo appears to demand sound effects! A big explosion! As for the gingham, in all my 'G' blurfing yours is the only example I've seen of this fresh, charming material.

  2. I'd have a hard time picking a favorite out of all your photos. I must return and really go through your blog and site when I have time. I can't get enough :)

  3. Wow, excellent shot Kathy! One of my favs of yours too.

  4. A lucky find and an added dimension to your ride. The lighting is beautiful!

  5. The black background really provides the details for this milkweed puff. It's beautiful!


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