Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ABC Wednesday - I is for Intricate

I is for Intricate.............

a macro of a pink lady slipper wildflower

This sweet little Lady Slipper Wildflower is one of my favorites.

They are actually part of the orchid family and it is the state wildflower for my state.

Their unique shape is said to resemble a lady's slipper, hence the name.

This image was taken last spring. I rarely see them as we walk in the woods, but last year they were quite prolific and I was overjoyed by this beautiful gift.

This past spring was late and very wet, and there were only a few that bloomed. Their colors were very dull - so pale they were almost white.

If you click on the picture to view the larger one, all the intricate details in this little beauty will be visible - all the veins and the fine hairs.

There was a fine thread of a spider's web that needed to be cloned out of the leaves above the bloom. I never noticed it when I took the photo, but it was quite evident during the processing.

That Mother Nature - she really outdoes herself sometimes!

This is the third round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. Yes, that would indeed be a treat to find growing in the forest !

  2. It would be amazing to find that growing wild in the forest...

  3. Whow, what a beautiful picture!!!!
    Good Work!!!
    Greetings from Thailand

  4. Interesting Intricate Image for ABC Wednesday letter I.

    Bear((( )))

  5. So sweet! And it was captured pretty well. Good work.

  6. I remember the time I first came across a ladies slipper. I didn't have a camera but I'll never forget how excited I was! Next best thing? Jacks in the Pulpit!

  7. You have a very nice friendly blog....I like to thank you for your visit and i have added your blog to follow at i throughly enjoy your work on smugmug and come back to visit anytime....happy shooting!!!!

  8. We had a woods next to our house as I was growing up. My best friend and I would go in search of Ladies Slippers and Jack in the Pulpits. I remember being so excited about finding them and we wanted so much to pick them, but we knew it wouldn't be there when we came back so we left them there for others to enjoy and for us to see again and again. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful picture. Just dropped in to say "hi" from entrecard and was very impressed with your blog.

  9. Kathy, what amazing flower. I think I have something like that in my archives. Anna :)

  10. Great shot Kathy, I love when the names and images go together, easier to remember, also looks like heart, very cool.

  11. Exquisite! So so delicate. Lovely lovely!

    Thanks so much,

  12. i love the layout of your blog....

    This is a lovely flower. The other photographs in the collection are also very beautiful.

  13. love the layout of your blog

    The flower is very beautiful. You obviously have a talent for photography. The other photographs of flowers are very nice too.

  14. beautiful! I don't think I have seen that flower in person.

  15. Thanks for all your comments and kind words! Glad you enjoyed it - it's one of my favorites!


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