Friday, September 26, 2008

In Need of an Upgrade

In Need of an Upgrade

a straw seat texture image

The above image is a macro of an antique straw seat.

And what does that have to do with needing an upgrade?

Well, I can only tell you that that is what my current office chair is feeling like right about now.

No comfort whatsoever and absolutely no support to be found either.

I am in search of a new office chair - after all, I only spend twelve of my waking hours in it each day.

This has been a big task - we check out them out in all the office stores we stop in, and it is really hard to find just the right one.

My legs bother me if I leave them hanging down too long. So in addition to many walks around the house to stretch them out, I also like to sit on them in my seat.

Not all chairs can handle that particular need. The seat has to made just right to accommodate legs as well as a rear end.

I keep running into these little mesh chairs that will certainly not hold up to all my hours in it.

I prefer a more stable, supportive chair with all the adjustments for height, angle, swivel, and tilt - and it also needs arms.

I figure if I am going to invest the money, it might as well be a good one.

I found one I liked online, and it also offered a coupon for Yahoo web site hosting with free domain registration with it.

It sounds like a really good deal, but since I cannot try it out, and I have no need for the web site hosting, I will have to keep looking.

Wish me luck!

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