Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Preventing Turmoil

Preventing Turmoil

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There is a great resource online that I believe every parent should have bookmarked in their sidebar.

It is the list of registered convicted Child Molesters that can be searched by state.

I remember when Megan's Law was passed back in 1995, and these lists were made public.

We had a very hard time finding any information about the registered individuals in our area.

When they finally put them online, it was very limited and hard to find for our area, but enough digging and searching finally brought us to info for our state only.

It is good to see this central database for the whole country. Parents need to use all the resources in their possession to keep their children safe.

This is a great tool that should be reviewed frequently as these people move around constantly.

Let's keep our children safe!


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