Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rose Hips

Rose Hips for Green Thumb Sunday

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Rose Hips - the fruit of the rose.

These hips are from a very hardy wild rose plant - notice the rich, thick green leaves. The leaves on the hybrid and cultivated roses are much thinner and the vein patterns are not as vivid.

These hips are green which means they are unripe. When they are fully mature, they will turn a bright or deep red, and they will then be ready to harvest.

They are used mostly in herbal teas, and are valued for their high vitamin C content.

The lady that first told me about rose hips mentioned that she liked to make jelly with them.

For many years I have made apple jelly, and various jams, and I know it takes a lot of fruit and sugar to make them.

I can only imagine the amount of hips it must take to make Rose Hip Jelly. I have never tasted it either, and I wonder if it has the flavor of the roses it comes from.

I would love to know anyone's experience with this jelly - how is it made, and most of all, how does it taste?


  1. I like the rich colors , good composition and fine detail of your rosehip image. Good work.

  2. I too have heard about rose hip jelly but never tried it. Will be interesting to see how many it takes and what the flavour is like.

  3. Rosemary - I am hoping someone can enlighten us!

  4. I have often wondered the same thing about rose hip jelly. None of my roses get hips, but my daughter has some that do. We should try to make jelly this year. In any case, ripe rose hips are beautiful!

  5. Nice photo
    What kid of camera that used to take the picture?

  6. Learn so much coming here, never knew what a Rose hip plant looked like till now, very cool image.

  7. Thanks, Success! I use a Sony A100 DSLR.

  8. Kylee - I would love to know how the jelly goes.

  9. THANKS, Kathie! Now I know what the "rose hips" are, that are in our vitamins! I never knew what part of the plant this referred to, though I surmised it was this. :)

  10. Very nice image, Kathy. That's the nicest looking vitamin C I've ever seen. ;-}


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