Monday, September 3, 2007

Washed Ashore

On a recent trip to the ocean, we stopped at a local State park. The boys did some fishing, and I wandered around with my camera.

macro of broken lobster bouy

One of the first things to draw my attention was a brightly colored lobster bouy that had been tossed up in the rocks during the last storm.

After climbing over rocks that were large and small and sharp and slippery, I reached the bouy that was wedged between two boulders.

It had been broken on one edge, and I found it made a neat abstract shot when I closed in on it. The foam also has a neat texture.

Beachcombers usually grab these bouys when they find them washed ashore, but this one must have been too much of a challenge for anyone to attempt. The power of Mother Nature!


  1. If you hadn't said what the subject was, I'd never have guessed. It is a fabulous abstract.

  2. This IS a cool abstract shot! I love shots like this. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  3. Nice photography! The "buoy" looks like a great white shark with the jaws wide opened and his right eyes staring back at us :) Is that an illusion or just my imagination, hehe. Cheers from Fruity!

  4. Cool post. I just check your gallery, and your food photos look very tasty - just me being hungry lately, but that's beside the point, the photos are very excellent quality. anna :) and if you prepared them you got another talent.

  5. Haha Fruity! It does look kind of like a shark!

    Thanks for the compliment on my food images, Anna. After looking at the fudge, I am about ready to make a batch!

  6. that case, send it over lol. anna :)

  7. Buoy o buoy, that is one beautiful shot.


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