Sunday, September 23, 2007

Grapes to Wine

My daughter came to dinner one night this past week bearing gifts - a huge basket filled with freshly picked purple Concord Grapes.

isolated purple concord grapes

Making jams and jellies has always been something that I enjoy, but grape jelly has never been a favorite in my house so making all that jelly now that the kids are grown is not a sensible thing.

Cruising the internet for grape recipes didn't yield any results that sounded too appetizing or would use up this large quantity.

My husband suggested trying some grape wine. This would be something new and different, so I searched online for an easy method.

Since I had all the ingredients, grapes, water, sugar and yeast on hand, that cinched the decision to make the wine.

It needs to sit for at least 21 days. Today is day two, and my kitchen is already smelling like grapes and yeast - I can just imagine what it will be like by 21 days.

I think the mixture is going to be delegated to the porch soon - I have a feeling we will wake up some morning drunk from the fumes of our latest experiment.


  1. Funny! Sounds like when I was a kid and we made homemade rootbeer. I could probably eat half of those grapes just as they are.

  2. I don't know, Dot, those grapes are awfully sour. They smell really good though.

  3. Nice picture of grapes, if these are the really sour ones, I like them even more. Will wait for your wine results, I am sure it will be delicious....Anna :)

  4. WoW...that's a beautifully captured & composed shot and yes I too like the smell of the grapes and the grape juice also tastes quite nice!

  5. Can't wait to hear bout the drunk house cat staggering around the front porch. Expecting pics! ;-)

  6. Thanks Anna and Kalyan! I will keep an update as it changes - but from what I am reading, it sounds like it will be at least a few months until we can drink it.

    Haha Rick! You know - he has some buddies that we have seen hanging around lately - could mean some big trouble if they all get into it! I think I had better find a "cat-proof" place!

  7. I love sweet grapes, Anna, why would anyone like sour graoes, that's crazy talk, lol, cool pic!


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