Friday, September 21, 2007

People Photos

Taking images of people is something that I have always shied away from when dealing with stock photography.

father and son walking in a green field

I have many people photos that include family members, but since I am opposed to posting them on the internet, they do not get added to my stock portfolio.

In order to submit people images on the various stock sites, each photo requires a signed model release from each person in the photo. This gives the photographer and agency permission to sell and license the image for various media uses.

Going up to complete strangers and having them sign a model release is not something I can do, so therefore I do not get the people images that sell so well on the stock sites.

Until I can work up the nerve to approach people in this manner, I will continue to shoot people from behind, at a distance, or in parts so I can use them in my stock portfolio.


  1. It pays to be be very careful now days. I don't think I would have the nerve to ask for signatures either. This photo is very effective tho. It gives a person many things to think about such as where the two people are going and why. I really like it!

  2. Thanks Dot! I like to work in the background - unnoticed if possible.

  3. Great reflective photo, on their journey together to their goal.

  4. I use the same approach for Lighthouse photography except for the photo of my grandson at Fort Pickering Lighthouse posted on my blog.

    Thank you KML, for your Lighthouse comment. Saving Whaleback Ledge Lighthouse looks promising! My family has always enjoyed sailing by the distinctive stone Lighthouse!

  5. This is a great photo for the imagination. I often look at random photos on the web to inspire my fiction writing. I couple dialogues popped into my mind when gazing at this one. Very nice!

  6. I am not a big fan of taking portraits and so forth. I have turned down several weddings as I dont want the pressure. I helped a friend who has a very busy photography business and the money a person can make is awesome but to this day I have never had a tree yell at me because i didn't get its good side. Forever in the background lurking with my camera!

    Great pics kml!

  7. Thanks Bob and Vienne and KMF!

    Thanks for stopping by Debbie!

    Thanks Rick - yep, no complaints from the trees or flowers either!

  8. Kathy, I have same issue with taking photos of the people, so I usually try to get their backs or something that is not recognizable, and all the family I keep to myself, oh well, need to follow copyright issues. I am not sure if you read about the face on the coffee jar. The photo of one man been used for ages on the coffee label, and one day he recognize himself, and was able to sue them. Anna :)


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