Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ABC Wednesday - H

H is for Hunter.......

hunter aiming a rifle through the sight

Patience and concentration are two skills my son is learning from his Dad as he takes aim through the rifle scope.

Combined with the knowledge from his recently completed hunter education classes and his Dad's teachings, he learns and practices with confidence and accuracy.

As another season draws near, they are planning and gearing up for more early mornings in the woods.

They always invite me along - sometimes I go - quietly praying that the only shooting we do that day is with my camera.


  1. I am glad to see that his father is passing along such a wonderful tradition.

  2. Kathy, I swear the rifle in your photo moved a couple of pixels to the right as your page loaded, it was scarily effective given the subject matter!

    I really must get inspired with my 'I' you're all beating me hands down. :)

  3. Okay I'll leave my PETA talk alone and say great concept for H. It's great that father and son are bonding.

  4. dwq - I thought this might be a controversial subject but I couldn't resist. He is such a responsible young man and they are hard to come by these days!

    wfw - Yikes!

    ali - Thanks!

    rick - so am I - it may be a necessity some day!

  5. A great and unique photo to go with 'H'. And I am with you rather shooting with a camera. Maybe your son can pick up your spare and old camera along with his rifle in the outing in the woods. That way, he is not just one sided on the hobby. Of course, I am biased and I hope you can influence him in picking up photography in the woods!!!

  6. I hope they bag a few deer, like a couple of dozen. If they want to come to Connecticut I have a few properties they can hunt on. They are just killing me out in the garden this year and I would like to return the favor.

    Nice photo and concept.

  7. I really like the angle that this photo was taken from. Excellent.

  8. A lot of shooting going on there, camera and gun, nice perspective

  9. such an interesting shot Kathy...
    fishing seems your son is learning great life skills from his Father.....

  10. Thanks for visiting my ABC Wednesday post and for leaving such a nice comment!

  11. Kathy teach him how to shoot photos its better for animals that way. So what is he hunting for? Anna :)

    btw IDing me is out, check out.


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