Saturday, September 1, 2007

Another Award

I am honored to have received another award, and this one is from Anna, over at My Only Photo.

She has awarded me with the Rockin' Girl Blogger award, and I am much honored and pleased to have received it. I enjoy visiting her blog - she has great pho
tos and I love to read her posts. She has a kind heart and her blog is one of my favorites! Thank you Anna!

I now have the pleasure of passing this award on to the blogs that I enjoy and feel deserve it too. This is the best part - passing along the good feeling of knowing somebody likes and enjoys your work!

One of the first members to welcome me at the Blog Catalog community was Mark, at Green Fingered Photographer. After checking out his blog and his website, I was honored that he wanted to exchange links with me. He has beautiful nature photography which is well worth taking a look at. I am pleased to give him the Rockin' Guy Blogger award - it is much deserved!

The next award for the Rockin' Girl Blogger goes to Tatiana, at Totally-Useless. Her blog is a collection of photos, stories, and videos that are not so useless after all. She really has a great blog filled with info of all kinds that I love to visit to see what she has found for the day. This award is well deserved for her!

Another blog that I enjoy is Vienne, at Eavesdrop Writer. She deserves this award for her creative way of observing and writing about people she encounters in her daily life. She has a great writing style, and you can really feel the emotions in her posts. Well deserved!

My last Rockin Girl Blogger goes to Annie, at Little Rock Daily Photo. She has some great photos and stories from around her hometown. A great site to visit and her comments are always appreciated! She also deserves this award!

I hope my readers take a few minutes to visit these great blogs - they are really worth your time!


  1. Thanks a lot Kathy for awarding my blog, and I feel really honored and humbled :)
    Have a great weekend too

  2. What a tribute you gave to us Rockin Girls and Guys today. Isn't blogging fun? It's nice to have a little platform to say something about whatever comes to mind. And its really nice to know that someone like you looks and reads and shares back your thoughts. Thank you for the award and thank you for stopping by.

  3. Well deserved, and thanks for mention, it is appreciated. anna :)

  4. Oh thank you, Kathy! I'm flattered by your kind comments about Eavesdrop Writer. I admire your photography and I can see the passion you have for it through your lens. Again, thank you. Vienne

  5. Congratulations on the award. yes, Annie at Little Rock has a great blog ...


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