Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ABC Wednesday - I

I is for Ice Hockey.......

ice hockey skater in the winter

This was the coldest day of the winter last year.

We grabbed our ice skates and went to the park in town that maintains a pond for public skating.

Twice around the pond was all I could stand with the wind chill. The boys shuffled the hockey puck around a few more minutes before they joined me in the car for a warm up.

Back out for a few minutes with the camera, then we were off for a hot chocolate warm-up.


  1. Hi KML, now that's something we can never do here in the south U.S., at least we can never to it outside. It just doesn't freeze hard enough here. And so, of course, no one has ice skates. It's a lovely thing to see and to imagine you whirling around, if only for a couple of times, before you got some hot chocolate.

  2. Looks cold but I bet you didn't give a puck

  3. Hard to think about ice right now tho here in VA it has been in the mid 30's several nights.
    YOu asked about the surfing dog on my blog, that dog surfed the wave most of the way into shore. the last of the series just shows the top of his head above the water.

  4. Ice hockey....had an experience on an ice rink many years ago, suffice to say have not been ice skating since!
    Great pic.

  5. BRRRRRrrr! Makes me cold just thinking about it.
    Intersting "I" post. Something I'll probably never get to see.

  6. mrsnesbitt - I had your same experience on skis - once was enough for me!

    annie, peter, jean, and dot, it's great for little bit, then the warmer climates start to seem awfully inviting.

  7. Living in California, we don't get any snow so we have to resort to ice skating rinks. I'm not good on ice, but my bottom seems to like it.

  8. I love the "I" for ice hockey!!

  9. Nice, I like the particular in the photo! ^^

  10. I've never been on ice skates so would be sitting watching and drinking hot chocolate. :o)

  11. That is a beautiful shot. Been meaning to add you to my blogroll for the past week - but I'm doing it NOW!

    Keep smiling


  12. A wonderful seasonal theme to go with 'I' post. I feel the chill of the weather seeing you post. Very thoughtful of you.

  13. very nice shot Kathy. I am already experiencing winter - my husband got hockey every tue and I have to go and watch...because we work together, and where he goes I go. anna :)

  14. "C" is for comments:) I thought it's winter so soon but oh, it's last year. I tried it once at a local lake last winter, it was freezing but it's nice for a change

  15. I find it hard enough just standing up on skates without having to contend with a puck as well. Great photo.

  16. B is for "backside" as that is where I would land if i tried to iceskate!. ;-)

  17. Rick - I end up there too - the balance isn't what it used to be!

    Mike - I have all I can do to stay up on them too - no puck for me!

    Thanks for the visit and kind words, Fruity, Ele, Neva, Dot and Hin

    Thanks for the add David!

    Anna - I hope your camera goes too - you never know!

  18. G'day KML,

    Was that James Pond?


  19. Ice skating! Brrhhh!! You're very hardy - and brave. My old bones would snap. Pour an extra chocolate for me though! :)


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