Tuesday, September 25, 2007

ABC Wednesday - J

J is for Jade Necklace.......

macro of an intertwined jade and pearl necklace

Ten years ago I received a beautiful Jade necklace as a birthday gift from my husband.

Each bead is distinctly different and the necklace is hand-knotted between each stone.

It is a vintage piece of estate jewelry, and I cannot help but wonder about the previous owner who enjoyed this beautiful piece also.

Entwined with a string of pearls, it makes a neat macro image with soft colors and smooth, polished textures.


  1. Hi Kathy,
    I think lonk is a better word....lol, your URL picture looks good.

    Cheers Mark

  2. Kathy - we're on the same wavelength! Wish I'd had you here last night, I had a devil of time taking my photo and ended up with something just purely for the content as the quality escaped me. :(

    I should have followed your great example - super photo, I love the mystery of the previous wearer too!

  3. Beautifully shot by joining together two different gems. If only it can talk. What tales it can tell about its previous life.

  4. Jade has always been my favorite. It really looks beautiful with those pearls!

  5. Kathy you reminded me something. One year I took my first digital camera and photographed all my gifts. I don't have much room to display them, so I packaged them into boxes, and once in a while when I am bored I go through images to look at them, lol. BTW this is very nice neckless, and the photo itself. Like the color contrasts. Anna :)
    PS My internet blew on me again, I was lucky to get my one post out, oh well.

  6. What wonderful photos... I bet that jade necklace is lovely... I used to make beads at one point: they were only Fimo though!!

  7. WFW - your photo came out great - love the heart shape!

  8. That's funny Anna about picturing your things to look at them! I hope your internet connection get fixed soon!

  9. Thanks for visiting, Gledwood!

  10. It looks gorgeous. You have a lovely husband and I won't share your post and picture with my wife. The photo matches the beautiful color and that present from your husband is priceless.

  11. What a nice necklace and and gift, colours are great, Jade is a great colour source. Looks lovely with the pearls

  12. What a beautiful piece of jewelry!!

  13. Perfect J post. I love the composition and colors. Jade is truely beautiful.
    Thanks for visiting my blog an your kind comments. Come again anytime.

  14. What a beautiful photo for your J photo; I love the caption, too.

    Thank you for finding my J photo and for putting my blog on your list.


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