Saturday, November 13, 2010

Indian Summer

Indian Summer

custom footrest on a motorcycle

The green grass of summer has been gone for months now.

The bright autumn colors have turned to dull brown.

The hard frost arrived a couple of weeks ago.

The scene has been set, and Mother Nature has delivered as she always does at this time each year.

The gift of Indian Summer.

The last motorcycle ride before all gets tucked away for winter.

The joyous feel of the sun's warm rays on bare skin.

We'll take as many of these gorgeous days as she wants to give us!


  1. Kathy, I had to think about the photo for second, what did motorcycle had to do with Indian summer, lol. I love fall, and winter. It is actually nice to relax eyes and enjoy the earthly shades. Hope all is well with you. Anna :)

  2. Now that is an interesting looking foot reat.

  3. Our Indian Summer has been quite long here in NY - almost a whole week :)


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