Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ABC Wednesday - Q is for Quack

Q is for Quack............

two ducks floating in the water in the autumn

Back a couple of weeks, when we were on letter "O", I asked for help in identifying a duck that had been around the lake for a couple of weeks.

Jean, over at The Joy of Bird Watching and Living a Simple Life left a comment to let me know that it was a Muscovy Duck. Many thanks, Jean!

Well, two weeks later, she is still hanging around.

Today she had a pair of Mallard ducks with her, and they all seemed to get along pretty well.

Sad to say though, this is the second pair of mallards that we have seen with her.

We were hoping when the first set was there a week and a half ago, that when they left, she would go with them.

This is a new set, and we have the same hope this time.

The Mallards are smaller than her, and they are constantly quacking to each other in a low voice as they glide across the water.

I have never heard the Muscovy quack, but I am sure she must.

Perhaps being alone, she has no one to talk to.

My fingers are crossed that her new friends "talk" her into going with them when they head out for their winter home.

This is the seventh round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. maybe her "quack"er is broken, from boredom or loneliness.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Ah, nothing like those Quacking ducks!! We hear them a lot as we live near the harbor here. Great shot/post for the Q Day! Hope you're enjoying your week!


  3. Thanks for the link, Kathy!
    I am surprised that this duck is still hanging around and not migrating. Hopefully he/she will head south soon.

  4. Quite sad if she is alone. Hope there is a meeting that encourages her to find warmer climes.

  5. Really amazing photo.The duck is looking beautiful.

  6. As you know I have several ducks and geese and they leave even in the dead of winter. Chances are if she found a good home she may just stay. I have a few Muscovy and yes I think they do quack. But, now that yo mentioned it, I am not positive. It may be our other ducks that are always quacking.

    It's sad to think of her being lonely. You just might wind up with babies if she doesn't leave though. I am sure she is quacking. That is most likely what is calling in the other ducks. That is a male Mallard in that shot and they will breed her if possible.

    We have only been able to get babies once and it was wonderful to watch them.

    I hope to see you on Facebook today. My PC updated everything and I am having a time with loading any apps. now.

    Have a good one!!:-)

  7. I hope she goes off withe Mallards too - hate to think of her on her own and lonely. I do love to hear ducks quacking - it sounds as though they are having a really good laugh.

  8. This is a really nice picture, I love the way you captured the ripples in the water. You have a lot of nice pictures here with great color!
    Have a great day :)


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