Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harbor Marker 4 - My World

Harbor Marker 4 - My World

brown cattail in the swamp

In my last post I was walking down the breaker wall in the harbor.

With much determination, I made it to the end.

I was standing directly in front of the harbor marker for this photo - this is the view that the boats going by get as they pass the end of the wall on the way out to the open ocean.

The wall doesn't look that intimidating from this angle.

The wide angle lens that I had to use to get the whole structure in the photo doesn't allow much for details.

Notice in this image the blue sky.

It was taken about 45 minutes from the one in the previous post.

I was facing west in the first image - and the sun was heading that way too.

I was facing east in this one - the sun was at my back.

The conditions had not changed at all, but the first photo looks overcast and hazy.

The second one is clear and so blue.

There was some haze that day, but it just shows how different the light can be depending on the photographer's angle to it.

MWT White

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