Saturday, September 11, 2010

Relaxing on the Breaker Wall

Relaxing on the Breaker Wall

a young man leaning against the harbor marker

Both of the boys were out there at the end of the breaker wall when we visited the ocean earlier this summer.

I can usually get about half way down this wall, then the large rocks start getting just a bit too far apart for my liking.

I'm not the nimble youngster I used to be, but that is not the problem.

It's those large spaces with nothing in between them that I have to step over.

The fear sets in, and I immediately sit down on the rock I'm on.

Don't want to fall with my camera gear - those spaces make me dizzy.

After a pep-talk of mind over matter, I try again.

A couple more rocks, and another sit-down.

This has been going on for at least a half an hour now.

My son has been back a couple of times to help me - he literally runs down these rocks to me.

I envy that and tell him, I'm getting there - I'll wave when I need help.

Most times I never make it down to the end.

But this past time, I did.

And I will have photos in future posts to prove it!


  1. Oh...that sounds and looks like a scary journey. Thank goodness for sons. I will look forward to the coming pictures!

  2. Large rocks looks nice from the distance, but they are dangerous to step on. Wrong step and they will cut you like a blade. Good thing all went well.


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