Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shredded Trees

Shredded Trees

a shredded tree int he woods

We made a new discovery this past weekend, and it was right on our own road.

We live on a dirt road that is about four miles long.

Last autumn there was some logging going on about halfway down the road, but we never gave it much thought.

We decided to take a walk up the logging road towards the end of winter and after what we saw, we couldn't wait for spring to arrive to hike it again.

Yesterday was the day, and I never knew that this beautiful spot existed so close to home.

Usually logging roads show much devastation, and this was no different in that regard, but there was something different about this one compared to others we have been on.

It was almost like it was tastefully logged.

The open spaces, hills, and natural beauty of the land was not disturbed and the logging seemed to enhance it.

They must have some pretty powerful machines because there were shredded trees like the one above, and wood chips lined the paths.

The smell of cedar was everywhere as the spring sun warmed the chips.

There were a few "mud traps", so we were glad to have on the waterproof hiking boots.

I had brought my camera of course, but because we were going back for something specific that we saw in the winter, I put on my big lens.

Stupidly I didn't take any other ones or any other equipment.

That won't happen again - no wide angle to capture the beauty of the whole place, just the 80-300mm that captured far away things.

No macros of the beautiful pink rocks - too much distance and not enough light for the big lens to do them any justice.

Over all, it was quite a hike, and we ended up at the highest point on our road.

I am anxious to go again and bring all my stuff plus lunch - but I know it will be some time before we can go back up.

Hopefully within the next few weeks - I must keep my eyes on what we originally went in to see.

I'll be sharing more in the coming posts of this beautiful spot, so stay tuned!

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