Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fiddleheads Emerging - My World

Fiddleheads Emerging - My World

fiddlehead ferns emerging in the spring

We went to check on the ferns the middle of last week, and they were not quite ready for picking.

Just beginning to emerge from last years growth, these ferns need the warmth of the sun to encourage their growth.

There are only three showing in this image, but packed down in that dried out patch are another six to seven ferns just waiting to feel that sun too.

When they are about five to six inches tall, they are ready to pick.

But you have to catch them before they begin to unfurl and become leafy.

We'll take another trip up this week to check on them - there should be some just right for picking.


MWT White

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  1. You eat ferns?! I honestly have never heard of eating these. How do you prepare them?


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