Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dandelions Galore

Dandelions Galore

nests atop the bare trees in the winter

They have begun to arrive - the invasion of the dandelions.

We don't have anywhere near this many around our yard, but this state park has enough for everyone.

They must love the salt air of the ocean as they are really flourishing in this area.

They make for quite a colorful addition to the whole scene, so I couldn't stop myself from photographing them.

I can remember dandelion bouquets clutched in little hands and offered with much love from my little ones years ago.

I can just imagine what the bouquet size would have been if they had run across these guys - the dixie cup would not have sufficed as the vase!


  1. Kathy, the invasion starts here too, lol. Oh well at least Matthew likes them, lol. Thanks for sharing again, and hope all is well with you. Anna :)


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