Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Dam Waters - My World

The Dam Waters - My World

flowing water at the dam

My last post was kind of a mystery for my readers.

Carol Wilkerson had the correct answer when she thought it was gushing water from a dam. Yeah, Carol!

This image is of the side across from where we were standing. The water over that side was moving even more fiercely than the outlet on our side.

This photo was taken standing above the dam. In the last post's photo, we had climbed down the dirt bank and were standing below the dam along the river.

Hard to imagine that this small wall was holding back the whole lake.

The power of nature and man working together was fascinating!

MWT White


  1. Hey, I guessed correctly! I hope my prize is to keep coming back here and seeing more great photos. Deal? :)

  2. The power and the fury.... Rushing tons of water can be really formidable to watch.

    I've read that some dams are effecting the spawning of salmon. Our technology has both good and bad effects. :(

  3. ...and I wouldn't know, thanks for info. Yes it is hard to believe that its been holding the whole lake. Anna :)


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