Saturday, February 6, 2010

Breaker Wall at Low Tide

Breaker Wall at Low Tide

the harbor breaker wall at low tide

The breaker wall doesn't look quite so intimidating or all that difficult to walk on at this angle.

But trust me, it is just an illusion.

It looks a lot shorter than it actually is, and the outgoing tide makes it seem like such nice, docile water.

Once again - don't believe it.

This angle is also of the protected side of the harbor where there is a small beach area.

The other side of this wall has deep sea water that pounds against the rocks - all the time.

The wall acts as a dam, and as the tide comes in around the end of the wall, it covers this beach.

See the dark big rocks along the side of the wall - that is the water line - just the light colored ones on the top are showing when the tide is fully in.

Even though my family loves it, those rocks are not the place for me at high tide.

Even at low tide, I can only manage about half way along that wall.


  1. It looks to be a beautiful place. I am not one who enjoys getting my head in the water. I love looking at the ocean, listening to the waves and walking on the beach.
    When the tide comes in I like to be inland...

  2. That is such a cool picture, the wall does look intimidating to me!


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