Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Iced Red Berries - My World

Iced Red Berries - My World

red berries covered in ice

Winter marches on in our area and the three week break we have had from snow has been grand.

Tomorrow will bring a heavy dose of new snow, and it will almost be welcomed.


The ugly brown and gray snowbanks will be gorgeous again.

The icepack hill that is called a driveway will have some traction with the new snow.

The snow will add to the water table this spring.

The back and the hips and the arms will be protesting, but that is only bad thing to all those other good things.

I guess we can put up with that.

MWT White


  1. oh, what a wonderful image! looks like jewelry!

  2. There's no doubt that new snow looks beautiful (and preferable to ice), but there's also no doubt that it becomes hard work in the end.

  3. Gorgeous picture!

    I came by your blog through spike!


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